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Office: Well located office in the middle of city Ahmedabad, easily approachable and situated on the busiest area called Navrangpura. 3d blueprint India is functioning in spacious private bungalow, its well ventilated two thousand square feet space provides complete working atmosphere. It suffices current need of the company and has possibility to cover moderate expansion. It has decent  and comfortable spaces.

Hardware: 3D BluePrint has sixteen high end desktops with dual screen and three laptops with uninterrupted power supply system. We have a centrally located IBM server with Linux operating system, structured networking with high speed data cables and well maintained by an expert. All desktops and laptops are guarded by Symantec end point solution and server is protected with sonic wall. Hence it is well protected against viruses, junks and spams.



  • Adobe writer
  • Adobe Suit
  • Autodesk suit
  • Allplan
  • Microsoft
  • Terrascan
  • Tally

Backup System: Very well defined and accurate functioning backup system for all digital data. We have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backup system which gives unique safety to all generated digital data. We also protect them by placing them to remote place as well our head office.

Communication: we have high speed broadband service which provides us 99.90 % uptime with good download and upload speed, it is also backed up by additional high speed broadband and well equipped with web space and mail server. We communicate through Skype, Voip system and mobile. We have separate e – room to communicate live with our counterparts.

Data Transfer: We deliver data through e-mails, ftp server, we transfer, and you send it etc. Our server is also synchronized with parent office for data exchange; we do use smartly time difference of both the companies and share our data. We have our web portal called logbook (Bouwconnector) which is a medium for running projects for team and all involved agencies along with client.

Update: We also update ourselves with time by adding and updating hardware, with subscription of software, by attending seminars and webinars on concern products, training of new software and need of the projects.