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Company : 3D BluePrint India Pvt. Ltd. (3DBPI) started in 2006 as a subsidiary company of the Dutch company 3D BluePrint Architects and Engineers. The parent company 3D BluePrint Architects and Engineers has been founded in 2002 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 3DBPI is considered the first architecture and engineering company to use a new approach of integrating design, engineering and construction services in India. We are providing all kind of services that cover the complete building cycle.(Services) We started 3D BluePrint India Pvt. Ltd. with Dutch projects for the initial period and gradually 3D BluePrint India Pvt. Ltd. is being noticed for its services in local market. We are also serving in various AEC fields.

We have very well trained team to provide efficient, flawless and time bound services. Being a Dutch company we are dedicated and trained to deliver high standard of quality. We are well equipped with all needful infrastructure.

BIM : The Building Information Model is the core of our company; we build all the projects with BIM by using software Allplan and Revit. BIM improves processes and reduces the number of problems and mistakes. We are also into product library development for big building material companies in Europe. We have also developed our own design management system "the RegiPlan© method". (Methodology)

3D BluePrint India Pvt. Ltd. (3DBPI) is an experienced company in the AEC industries. It is also a combination of two different nations, cultures, minds and technologies. We are always loaded with heavy work load, deadlines, training, learning etc. but apart from such busy days we cherish and celebrate all the events coming across like first Friday of month - afternoon gathering (borrel), birthday of the company and colleagues, excursions, festivals and completion of major deadlines etc. The company provides an atmosphere where people work hard with freedom, pleasure and celebration. We work hard and enjoy each enjoyable moment without any differences. In other words  it's not a mechanical production house but a workplace of feelings, sense and full of values along with professionalism. Experience a glimpse of it (Events)