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3D BluePrint has developed its own design management and working system RegiPlan® method which improves the communication and flow of information between all parties involved in a building project (architects, engineers, contractors, authorities, clients) during the entire building process from start to finish. As a result of this method new building and development projects are being carried out at higher levels of quality and sustainability against a lower cost.

The RegiPlan® method is based on the idea that the most essential parts of buildings are their user spaces and their respective properties. When a project manager manages a project based on spaces, conditions, budget and planning and does this pro-actively then modern day large scale projects are far easier to keep under control. The method also incorporates 3 Dimensional Building Information Models (3D BIM) and defines how to use them to their full extent from inception of a building project till facility management.

The RegiPlan® method describes how to take the following steps in a best practice, state-of-the-art way:

  • Building permission
  • Contract formulation
  • Definitive design
  • Facility management
  • Preliminary design
  • Project programming
  • Registration
  • Tender
  • Tender preparation
  • Work
  • Work preparation

The RegiPlan® method is in use by the 3D BluePrint group and has had the following results:

  • Better control of a building project by the client
  • Better integration of the design teams individual products resulting in better designs
  • Better management of project risks
  • Earlier insights into project results
  • Reduction of procedure and construction time
  • Substantial investment reductions compared to traditional design methodology
  • Total transparency of the building project for the client