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Learning: Learning is a never ending procedure and especially in a continuously changing and developing world, it is essential for any organization to keep up to date. Within 3D BluePrint learning is an integral part of development as a whole. It is divided in different phases. Being a Dutch company and connected with Dutch projects, we do provide education for software, Dutch building rules, construction methods, technology and knowhow on language to all local employees we recruit. We provide complete training for first three months during probation period and afterwards training while working on projects.

Workshops: We also conduct frequent series of workshops to educate our colleagues for European construction methods, process of complex projects, communication protocols, standard and specific working methods, new updates on software, provide opportunities to attend webinars and inspire them with good example of works.

R & D: We are not just production house or user of software but very keen and continuously putting efforts for better methods and results. We always spare time out of our busy schedule for R & D to get benefit of optimum use of resources for our process.

The 3D BluePrint group was created by well known people of AEC. After the establishment of the company they did things differently and it resulted in more efficiency and transparency for all participants of the projects. They also formed the new management system the RegiPlan® method.

Since 2002 3D BluePrint has been using 3D BIM technology without any exception. Wubbo Hazewinkel a founding partner of the 3D Blueprint company, is president of the Benelux chapter of the International Alliance of Interoperability . 3D BluePrint believes that changes in the AEC industry should come from the architects and engineering firms and not solely from software suppliers.

Building Forum: It is built to enhance knowledge on buildings, technologies, materials, construction methods and updates on it.  (Bouwforum)

Exchange Program: Being a Dutch company in Ahmedabad and dealing with EU projects, 3D BluePrint India needs lot of support for language, methods and Dutch technology etc. We have very good exchange of people to both countries to spread knowledge, continuous presence of Dutch colleagues in the Ahmedabad office makes communication easier.